About Us We juggle characters. We bottle memories. We collect time. We travel around the world to muster perspectives. We do all it takes, to resonate life, into stories. At Storybank, we bank stories. Simply put, we are a three sixty degree media hub. Spanning across various arenas, we undertake the art & craft of telling stories in all forms & formats.
 It is easy to drive a child's attention But to hold it, is a mammoth task. Unless, you are a good story-teller. Ever noticed a kid while he listens to a wonderland story? He is not just listening to it. He is living it. Calm, attentive, engrossed. Fully trusting the words of the narrator! . At Storybank, we aim to be that narrator.


Team A well set up production team, a post production studio and experienced hands distinguish us. We have a team of experts under our wing who have worked extensively in the creative field. Each member is a seasoned technician in their field and an in-house story-teller who come together to weave beautiful tales.
Mudassar Mashalkar Founder & Filmmaker From being an investment banker to a filmmaker and from London to Mumbai, Max has luckily switched just jobs & places. His passion has always been story telling. Fueling his stories from the roots of life itself, he aspires to make films that add meaning to the world. His journey so far has included directing and producing more than fifty odd commercials, making documentary films about people he considers real life heroes, and scripting feature films. He has worked with reputed people from the industry including Madhur Bhandarkar, Ashutosh Gowariker, Vishal Bharadwaj along with a few others. With this dream venture, Max aims to streamline visions in the realm of motion pictures and say stories that make a difference. At Story Bank Films, Max is the banker.
Brinda Mitra Producer & Partner-in-Crime Born and brought up in Delhi, Brinda belongs to a family of artists. Her lineage has had a great influence over both her taste and strengths. She has been trained in Hindustani Classical vocal Music and theater, both being her varied areas of interest. She has even performed on stage as a child. Brinda started out her education in History Honours and completed her graduation from the University of Delhi, only to finally find her calling in films. She went on to pursue a masters in the same from Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. The industry has soaked her in ever since then and she has constantly been working, assisting and casting for them. As an assistant, her longest association has been with Pradeep Sarkar, under whom she has done quite a few films. Several feature and short films of National and International repute have had Brinda's fair share, not to mention ad films. At Story Bank Films, Brinda is the keeper.
Gurumeet Singh Collaborator & Creative Consultant Gurmmeet Singh began his career as an editor in 1999. After working on innumerable documentaries, tv shows and short films. He went on to edit two feature films, ‘Chai Pani Etc’ and a Bengali film ‘Nishabdo – Reaching Silence.' In 2003, he began his journey as an Assistant Director and is now an upcoming Filmmaker with three films to his credit. His First feature, ‘Warning’, was a 3D film. His second and third releases were the critically acclaimed ‘What the Fish!’ and ‘Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene' respectively. Apart from these films that have had a warm reception by critics & the industry alike, Gurmmeet has also directed a music video called ‘Jugaad’ for the super hit film, ‘Fukrey'. At Story Bank films, Gurmeet is the auditor.
Why Us? We write and direct, edit and produce. We do all it takes to edge a film out from the raw fibres of your mind and get the finished product up on the screen. And we do it with a lot of love.Be it a mother’s lullaby, a travelogue that differentiates a traveller from a tourist, or a personal diary that captures every vivid detail of a person’s life, we stock and lift from every part of life Whether it is a treatment note you require, or the best possible color –correction is your fancy, we are willing to be associated with a project at every stage of its development. Television commercials, viral videos, corporate films, or documentaries, our aim is to present the story in a way that is unique and best for it.
Conceptualizing and Scripting While an idea and origin form the crux of a story, an audience is built by its craft. At story bank films, we meticulously work towards finding the best way to tell a story. We have a team of dedicated writers who draft and redraft a script until you think it is shoot ready.
Production [Pre] Scouting locations, scheduling shoots, casting actors. Designing sets that are as authentic as attractive, getting equipment that best suits the vision and managing a nebula of things that are never set in stone. We are an efficient team that thinks laterally and respects deadlines, and we make sure that if a film has come to us, it gets a go on the floors. From Script to Screen Each frame of a film says a story. It takes a lot to put that frame right. And much more to repeat this process at the rate of 24 frames per second (well 25 in case of an ad-film). We understand this course and strive hard to maintain coherence between what’s written and what’s told.
Production [Post] It is the final touches that add shine to a raw material. And this is true even if yours is an intentional rawness. We have a set of musicians who breathe life into your film, proficient editors who know exactly how to patch your film right, and a lot of friends who save their objectivity to come to a film’s rescue once it's made. Our aim rests in helping you weave a charming story.
Max Gurumeet


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